ARP Consultancy Ltd

ARP Consultancy has 25 years of experience with an in-depth knowledge of many aspects of the Highway Sector.

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About ARP

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ARP Consultancy can provide assistance at all points in the journey of a contract, from target cost to the completion and handover into maintenance.

We have the required organisational and management experience to assist clients to deliver projects successfully.

ARP Consultancy can also assist in the resolution of operational, technical and contractual issues arising throughout a project, ensuring a solution is implemented expediently and effectively.

Our technical knowledge can assist in the preperation of target costs prior to award, change management during the project and the preperation of final accounts.

Key Skills

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Years of practical experience that can be applied to operational or commercial aspects of a project.


Dedicated to achieving our clients needs.


Well honed problem solving skills developed form experiences gained on major HE projects over the past 25 years.

Time Management

Efficient and lean working adding value at all times.


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Tender / Target Costs

  • Complete take-off and analysis of tender documentation providing a platform for robust target costs including the formation of cable and ducting schedules.
  • Analysis of tender documentation highlighting omissions, anomalies and inconsistencies between contract specific documentation and standard specifications.

Contract Management

  • Assisting with the management of the change during the construction phase.
  • Assisting Tier 1 Contractors in the management of their works with the supply chain.
  • Assisting Tier 2 Contractors in the management of their works with clients.
  • Technical, operational and commercial issues tackled together.


  • Analysing issues that have become bogged down in claim and counter claim.
  • Resolving issues between Suppliers / Manufacturers and Contractors.
Andrew Russell Patterson


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(+44) 07900694641